• Courageous Leadership,
    Outrageous Growth

  • Courageous Leadership | Outrageous Growth offers a model for developing leadership capability on both a personal and organizational level. It outlines 7 critical components that support the accomplishment of substantive goals and business results. The content is appropriate for executives, entrepreneurs and even employees looking to enhance their career through expanded credibility and presence.

    This session promises to teach you:

    • The importance of personal mastery in the pursuit of major accomplishments
    • 4 ways to position yourself or your company in the marketplace
    • What it takes to create that know, like and trust factor that is paramount to success
    • The keys to effective team leadership
    • The importance of knowing the numbers
    • 4 simple steps to connect with your ‘audience’ (clients, bosses, colleagues)
    • Creating a powerful, sustainable future

    Join us and discover the steps to take to advance your enterprise or career!